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2002-04-26 - 8:12 a.m.

Music practice was cancelled last night, so I had some time in the shop before going out to yummy Thai food with G&A and B&L. I think I got more done in the 45 minutes last night than the last couple of nights together....Finally getting back in the swing of folding.

Soooooo, it's status time for the gorget....

Gorget Base and Mid lamesThe first picture is the base of the gorget and the mid lames. This is a few weeks old. The mid lames are better formed into their location. Just have to work the overlap and cut to size....
Top Neck LamesMost of the recent work has been on the top lame and its roll. Finally managed to complete the roll on the front lame. Since I had to add so much material to keep the piece from deforming, I figure I'll just make 2 sets of lames. One so I can get the gorget functional sooner and the second to play with roping (ala the marker marks on the rear lame). The pieces are about double height, so I'll just run folds on both ends and then cut the pieces in half. Started the initial fold on the second rear lame. The front lame still has some symmetry issues which I'll have to work out, but it is pointless getting it too close until I complete the other roll since it will just get messed up again.


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