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2002-04-03 - 11:20 a.m.

Understand your media of communication. Internet communications can be a dangerous place. Particularly if you don't take the time to reread your communiques from an objective viewpoint, or the biased viewpoint of your audience....This is how flamewars occur....

Maybe I just have rose colored sunglasses on, but I try to believe folks generally have good intentions. There are, of course, always exceptions, but I tend to prefer to give folks the benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise.... Their good intentions may not overlap with mine, but it helps to try to understand their viewpoint.

Sorry for the short rambling, but I'm multitasking way too many things this morning and had to flush things out or go mad....

Since there was no practice last night, I decided to get some exercise and went biking. Figured I'd take my 6mi circuit which includes a stop at Gen and Alans.... Forgot about all of those hills.... That and how out of shape my legs are.... wee.... Well, it should make practice this evening amusing... And hopefully Lisette will make it to practice so she'll be back up to speed for Night on Board....

And now back to our regularly scheduled insanity....


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