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2002-02-11 - 9:10 a.m.

Ymir was great. As always, Windmaster's puts on a great event. Stumbled across an incredible restaurant in South Hill on the way down. Going to have to make that a regular stop on the way SW in the kingdom... mmmmm...yummmm

Well, my fighting this weekend just plain sucked.... Lost my first fight being stupid. Second fight never showed so I effectively got a bye. Barely won my third fight against a guy who authorized that day.... Lost my last fight to someone I should have been able to beat.... Broke one of the critical rules of fighting. Meant to replace my swords Sunday so I had a practice with them to adjust. Unfortunately, that didn't happen and it wasn't until Thursday until I had the time. Go down to the shop and realize I only have moose rattan.... Sigh and figure it is all I got, so I don't really have a choice. After I finish them I realize that they are even heavier than I expected....Totally through off my timing. Also made me realize how much I depend on my speed to save my butt.... I have to say it is frustrating to make a motion and realize you just killed yourself...even before your opponent starts the blow.

Totally missed Melchior's prize. Managed to watch part of Jack's prize between rounds of the Armored tourney. Woohoo for them! At least I got to fight them in the evening.

I did pick ups afterwards. Took me a number of passes to start getting to at least the passable level of fighting...Then I voided wrong and my lower back made that lovely twinge I hate so.... Time to stop. Particularly since I committed to fencing in the evening....

Managed to run up to court just as they were about to process. Gen is the bomb for pumping some sugar and caffeine into my system....And my back wasn't complaining too much about the cold by the end.

After court was the auction for the Free Scholar tourney, while my sweetie got stuck setting up for feast....sigh.... I got an ego stroking by pulling in the most money. Wish my fighting had been worth it....Just too plain tired to compete at the level I needed for that field.

I realized the next day that I hadn't sat down except for short truck rides to schlep thrones from first court and to schlep chairs for high table from when I woke in the morning until feast in the evening.... No wonder I feel like I've been run over. (Only the leg doesn't hurt as much as the last time, but that is another story....)


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