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2002-11-07 - 8:11 a.m.

I have this ominous feeling life is going to be stressful today. You see yesterday I apparently burned a lot of karma without realizing it. The demos went off flawlessly and it was the last day of big wigs, including most of my management chain. Last week, when we had the other 'big wig' day, it was disaster central. Software bugs popping up and putting loud audio problems in the middle of audio quality scenarios....sigh.... Last day of demos, so I suspect the equipment will get even and flake out left and right..... At least it is the last day. Tomorrow is tear down and I can finally sleep in my own bed for more than 4 days in a row.

And on a happier note, I managed to score a nice walnut board cheap Monday....Since I need to be in NJ on Friday breaking down equipment, I left work early on Monday. And since I didn't make it to the lumber mill the previous Friday as we went out to entertain Kyna, I figured I'd slip up there and see if I could find some lumber for the 16th Century firearms I'm going to be working on. I've had the pistol barrels and rough cast lock parts for eons. Right as I'm working out stock measurements, the door bell rings and the caliver barrel arrives. Seemed like a reasonably good omen to me.... Drive up to the mill and walk in. The guy directs me to the back for walnut.... Notice right off the bat a nice grained 8/4 board of sizable width. Nose around a little, but realize that board is in fact the right size for my needs. Than I notice the little sign, 'Walnut 30% off'. SCORE!!!! Now I just need to figure out the cutout outlines and hit up one of my friends with a bandsaw.... muwahaha

Apparently, the folks here have had a social gathering on Thursday evenings where they go out to a bar to blow off steam and play silly trivia games.... Folks seem to expect I'll be good at it. Where is Bob, Laura and Wen when I need them.... Those games don't tend to have the useless trivia I know... Oh well, it should be entertaining anyways....


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