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2002-06-25 - 1:28 p.m.

This past weekend was productive. Managed to paint the poles to the new Pavilion and finished up the stall frame for the camp showers for Pennsic. I also managed to finish refurbishing the breastplate that Kyna had coopted from Alisandra's roommate who didn't want it anymore. Then I worked on my gorget some trying to push around some excess metal to an area where I'm almost gapping. Liam would be proud. Hot-working steel to slide it around.... Didn't quite finish. Hopefully find some time Wed or Thurs to work on it. After that I need to trim up the middle neck lames and start the arduous clean up phase....

Figures. Find a week I'm mostly in the office and Kyna has to go to Atlantic City.... The task downtown that I thought was going to eat at least half my time appears to be a lot less work than I originally thought so I'll actually get to be productive in my office on occasion. Oh the novelty....

And to complete my stream of consciousness rambling, I'll discuss practice last night. Considering the obscene heat, I figured I'd complete the embarrassment and break out my shield. Not horrifically bad considering how little I've used it lately, but it can be frustrating to realize the you executed the shield block correctly, but forgot that it depended on throwing a shot in the hole it leaves open right as Saeric bounces his sword off your helm in afore mentioned hole.... Got to get lighter rattan though if I want to use the shield more. The weight was aching my elbow by the end of practice... Also need to break down and finish up the new arm harness that has been rusting in the shop for way too long and finally get around to making new basket hilts.

Just a few projects....really.....


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