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2002-02-20 - 4:48 p.m.

Ugh! Today has been demo-hell day.... In the morning was a demo of the radio system I work on for folks from the Program Office I work with. Mind you, I get a list of folks to run through security that is incomplete and some of the folks on the list don't show. Issues.... That demo went fairly well. It helps when you've been working the same project for going on 8 years. I can babble for days on the subject....Guaranteed to put you to sleep.

Then my boss calls a meeting to discuss planning for a Program Review briefing we have to give our General Manager. Since our General Manager once upon a time had my boss's job, questions can get rather detailed.... Now that meeting involved deep jungle mango hunting. Ask Wen if you don't understand the reference Oh my god....Can we get further off topic? A half an hour into the meeting I haven't the faintest clue where we are heading.... I only got to escape the meeting because I guessed it...more demos.

This time the demos are for grand high muckeymucks who were in the building for some high level planning meeting. Of course they are running late, but that is why I plugged in a network drop inside the corporate firewall into the lab. Plug in laptop and work until they show up.... As for the demo schedule, let's just say no plan survives contact with the enemy.... Still not sure how the volume settings on my aircraft control heads got so scrambled between the two sessions I had to give. It is annoying when things don't work in the middle of the demo and then you figure it out right after the folks leave....ARGH!!!!

At least tonight I can play with my new practice rapier. muwahaha! Finally finished it up last night. Broke the cardinal rule of blueing in the dark, but it's at least a start. I'll have to make a second pass to clean up the light spots. Yeah, it was an excuse to learn how to touch up blueing. Yeah...that's it....yeah....

I also managed to finish up the basic roll on the back plate of my gorget. Now I get to 'futz' (Highly technical term there) with the rolls on the front and back pieces to get them to line up better before whipping up the neck lames. I think I'll start the roping experiment on the neck lame, since it will be much easier to replace if I screw up....


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