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2006-04-03 - 8:41 a.m.

OK, so it has been eons since I've posted. Just nothing particularly exciting about mending bones and day-to-day doldrums of work.
Finally managed to fight at Coronation this past weekend. First time since Ymir. Very inconsistent. I was either on, or a walking pell. Then there is the little detail about my endurance being total crap at the moment. Was fighting Marc and missed a block because I just didn't have the energy left to get it there in time. Fortunately, it was flat, so I then got to take advantage of the leg shot I traded with it. I'm STILL sore from the fighting. And since I was so sore and tired yesterday, of course it was a good idea to dust off the bike and go for a ride. I mean, there were muscles that weren't sore. Can't have that....They might feel left out or something. Ugh.... Toes still aren't 100%, but babying them doesn't seem to be getting much either, so game on.


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