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2005-12-12 - 1:12 p.m.

A pleasant weekend of puttering begun by participating in Theo's Narnia Skip-Day. I had to work the morning, but I'd put in enough overage earlier in the week to take off at noon. They did a good job with Narnia. I need to reread the books. It has been AGES since I've read them last.
We also managed to break out the decorations and acquire a tree. The smaller tree on the counter made decorating a lot easier.
Then since my lovely wife apparently had soup needs she made a stew and a bisque. And since she is Southern and hence we had enough to feed a sizeable army, we invited guests over to partake in the yummies.
And since nothing is allowed to go easy, the kitchen drain decided to back up the dishwasher 10 minutes before guests arrived. The suds on the floor at least guaranteed the floor was clean. 8) I had to admit the clog is a pain in my backside. I think we've poured about 2 jugs of drain cleaner after it to succeed in an EXTREMELY slow drainage. I tried to snake it, but was having difficulties getting the snake to make the 90degree turns necessary.... Tonight's fun will be dealing with that since I'm glasses-bound which kills armored fighting. Can't wait for Thurs when I get my eyes zapped. The concept of awakening and being able to see is such a novelty....


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