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2005-11-08 - 1:08 p.m.

Gah! I so wish my feline alarm clock would start recognizing daylight savings time....

Crown was an enjoyable weekend. No real marshallate issues and always nice to have too much help, instead of beating the bushes for marshals. The drive down and back was made more amusing with the addition of Colin, even if it was a looong drive. I don't know how Janos and Anne keep their sanity. Colin was amusing trying to draw Theo and me into CoH. Particularly considering how hostile Theo is to MMORPGs due to my WoW addiction....

Considering the Chiv attention at the event, here's hoping my short outage from fighting due to getting my eyes zapped doesn't set back my progress too far.... At least I can still fence another week or two as my glasses will fit inside my mask. Just have to deal with them fogging up.... But it will nice to no longer have to deal with the morning and evening hassle of contacts.

Well, back to work...


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