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2005-09-23 - 8:04 a.m.

My fighting has been frustrating me of late. Monday was one of those nights. Nothing just seemed to work right. On the other hand, last night was a pleasant change. I was focusing on tightening up my defense and moving and it seemed to be working for the most part. Yeah, I still had my bone-headed moments, but not nearly as regularly as I've been doing of late. Also broke out my 2-sword at the end of practice to dust off some of the cobwebs. Been a while since I've done it with any regularity.
On the work front, I'll hopefully finish up the paper that has been sucking my soul today. Been very frustrating trying to get anything at all out of the folks who are supposed to be helping me. The fun and joy of underdelivering this year, since our budget for next year has been deeply slashed. I'll be much happier come Oct 1 when I can get back to other work that isn't just frustrating the bejabbers out of me.
Take care all.


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