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2005-09-14 - 9:58 a.m.

Practice last night seemed to go fairly well for me. Got to work on some of my basics while helping folks out. Doing slow work appears to be helping the flow of my fight. Also fought Vlad some and did much better than I have in the past (not that that is saying a whole lot). Passed on Monday practice as my back is still bothering me a little.
The event this weekend was fun, but I totally choked in the semi's. I had the high score going in from the bear pits. Set into stance for my first fencing fight and my back majorly twinged. My mental game just crumbled from there. The armor failures getting switched over just totally blew what little was left of my mental game and I was pretty much tent spiked.... Not the place to be when fighting Galmr with 2-handed weapons. Not particularly pleased with myself. Oh well.... At least I now have my last weapon authorization, polearm.
Sunday was the demo in Takoma Park. Fun with little kids playing with parts of my armor. (The parts that didn't break the day before).


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