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2005-07-11 - 4:02 p.m.

It was good to see Pod Pink and to have some time to hang with the Cu.
Wow, am I tired and sore. Two days of long fighting in the heat will do that to you.... I have no problem losing fights to the folks that beat me, but I was really irritated with myself for the shots that I let them hit me with... The pickups with BdeB were useful. Learned a new shot I need to work on, even if he did stripe my back in payment...8) Now I just need to see if I can make him pay up on his bet. hehe
I think I'm going to pass on practice tonight. Rather spend time working on my conditioning than risk just getting hurt while I'm this tired and out of it.

Ugh...Finally finished commenting on the 3 rather sizeable standards documents we will hopefully finalize next week. One of the documents predates my graduation and the other two I've been working on for years...
I'm kind of cross-eyed now for reading hundreds of pages of test procedures, so I'm think I'm going home now and fall over...
Take care all and yeah for the Emma and her new job!


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