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2005-06-28 - 10:38 a.m.

This weekend went well, even if it was hot. Alan, Kynny, and I formed an all-white scarf team for the Pas at the Dun Carraig Challenge of the Heart event. Had a good fight with Rags, even if he did manage to kill me. We challenged the King of Calontir's team and managed to be victorious. Nice of them not to mug me and come at me one at a time. Also did a spear one-on-one with Aradd which was fun, but I was worn from the previously mentioned fight, so I didn't feel I gave as good as I should have been able to. Also had a good fight with the Stierbach team. Collum, Stefan and Turgeis are always a fun fight. Ursus apparently has some nice pics of some of my fights here
Sunday was back to the site for War Practice. Kind of disappointed at the low turnout, but not overly surprised. At least Vlad and Angus showed or I was REALLY going to harrass the Chiv for not showing. 8) Storvik apparently has decided to field a sizable force of combat archers. Not quite sure how I managed to not get peppered with my spear... Might be creative use of opponents as a shield. Hmmmm....
And since I apparently didn't get enough fighting or excessive heat, I hit Storvik practice last night. Had a reasonably good set of passes with Tash and Henry. Fought a little polearm against Vlad. Still really bad there.... Annoying realized I had flat tire when I left site, so I got to change the tire while I was hoping to be home sucking down water. Managed to pick up a sizable nail in the tire. Hopefully get that fixed noonish time while I go to harrass my siblings.
Tonight....fencing. And then I can fall over the rest of the week and get back to home and Pennsic chores.


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