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2005-04-01 - 9:02 a.m.

Day before yesterday, my brother got out of ICU. He was supposed to be released yesterday. Haven't gotten an update recently.

Still have to swing by Lowes to acquire supplies to better secure the basement windows after some yahoo kicked on of them in trying to break into the house on Wed. It appears the alarm system may have deterred him, but not necessarily in the way one would hope. For now, I just have the windows braced to prevent a repeat attempt.

Finally decided my ankle was up to it and went to practice last night. Things seems to go well. My back was bothering me more than my ankle. Not sure if that was just from not fighting for the last month and a half or overcompensating for the ankle. Need to replace a rivet that pulled out last night in time for this weekend. Wee....
Back to work.


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