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2005-03-03 - 8:44 a.m.

OK, I guess I'll be a lemming....Things I've done that most of you all haven't:

  1. Been run over by a car...Tire marks and all (OK, so Havorc can also claim this....)
  2. While in the water convinced some folks scar from said above accident was a shark bite.
  3. Biked down Mt Haleakala in Maui. (OK, so my wife and a few others probably have)
  4. Gazed out over the Atlantic from Empress Josephine's ancestral home.
  5. Ordered pizza cooked in a VW mini-bus. (Complete with wood-fired brick oven)
  6. Gotten lost on the bus on my way to El Escorial in Spain.
  7. Climbed up and visited Montsegur castle in the Pyrenees. Still amazed anyone was able to take that one. It is a small castle on the top of a VERY big rock.
  8. Attended the 1000th birthday celebration at Bouillon Castle in Belgium.
  9. Wore blisters on my feet walking all over Kyoto visiting temples and gardens.
  10. Looked out threw the arrow slits from the top of Himeji-jo, the last standing 16th century castle in Japan.
  11. Swam in the ocean off Copacabana beach. Sounds great...You'd have to pay me a lot to return to Rio...

And a few that aren't me, but folks I know, and were just too funny not to share....

  1. A co-worker's wife was declared a man in Saudi Arabia so she could present a paper at a conference.
  2. Been offered a camel for a co-worker...
  3. Almost been arrested for taking a picture of the wrong palace in North Africa. Luckily he only lost his film. Don't stray off the path....


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