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2005-02-17 - 4:00 p.m.

Been forever since my last entry. Rotating between nothing to say and too busy....Wee....
Ymir was good. Good to see Ros and Chris given their White Scarves. Ros was still surprised despite certain verbal snafus on a broadcast channel she was on.... Was also a hoot to fence a bunch with Johann. Good to know he is still a Mountain Dew addict. So many memories of making sure we had 2 MtnDews with us before picking up Jo since we didn't want to have to stop as we headed out to some event or another.... hehe
Lost my first fight in the tourney because I wasn't focussed. I made it to the final 12 before Connor dropped me out. At least I managed to get my head into the game properly.
OK, I need to diverge a little for a rant... Just because I'm focussing on armored combat doesn't mean I've given up because I dared to fence at a tournament. I realize folks meant well, but give me a break. I'm a Provost. That means I still need to support the fencers every once in a while. That and some good friends were getting recognized. Mind you, it didn't hurt it was up against a tourney I don't really care for. Round shields not my thing. But still....

The bug that has been running around appears to have attacked me on Sunday, which I pretty much crashed upon getting home, then couldn't sleep when it was time for bed, so my sleep schedule is all whacked out this week. My throat is getting scratchy again. I so hope it isn't another pass of this bug....
Theo is on the road for work, so I've been entertaining myself with fighter practices and playing games.
After a couple days at work of feeling like I'm getting nothing accomplished, today has been productivity central....And my boss holding a Come-to-Jesus meeting with my team when I wasn't getting anywhere motivating folks to pry time away from their other projects appears to have worked. I never claimed to be a good manager. Now I just need to keep the momentum rolling.
Well, I think that is enough hopping between random topics for now... Here's hoping I don't totally suck this evening at practice.


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