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2005-01-21 - 8:59 a.m.

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Gee....What a shock....

Actually made it to fencing practice on Tues. Surprised myself that I didn't totally suck. Felt a little bad for some of the folks I was teaching as my first fight with Kenji had seriously ramped up my speed and reflexes.... I guess it is good for them.... hehe Also need to remember to add that chin pad so I stop getting perf plate marks on my chin when I get hard shots to the face, which I got plenty of Tues.... Kind of to be expected with the long respite most of us have had.

On the laser front, I've decided to hold off until the Wavefront is available for my correction level. Call me paranoid, but my eyes are already wacky enough with their mostly self-correcting astygmitism and all. Besides, I've already waited years (something about paying obscene amounts of money for glasses doesn't incline me to go make them immediately obsolete), so what is a few more months or so.... Besides, it means I get to hit people at Ymir. What could be wrong with that?

Had my quarterly review with upper managed on the internal research I'm in charge of. Went better than I expected. I fully expected to get chewed on in a number of areas. Managed to handle the few questions well, even in the severe time constraint.


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