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2005-01-13 - 8:33 a.m.

OK, so it's been eons since I've updated. Life's mostly been ho hum and Theo provided details on the amusing things like the stolen Christmas tree. Also, most of my free time has been sucked into the void that is WoW. First foray into online RPGs and it is such a soul sucker....
Been wearing glasses for 2 weeks now. Finally had a consult last night with my eye doctor about getting my eyes zapped. Here I go in all ready to go and he starts telling me about a new process they have that is working great but currently only cleared for diopters of 1-6. He expects it to be cleared for stronger correction levels some time soon, but there is no telling when the FDA will allow it. The new process supposedly better maps the imperfections of the eyes which helps get better corrections as well as reducing the likelihood of night vision issues. I'm in the pondering stage, and until I make up my mind, no contacts, which means no fighting.... I think I'm leaning towards waiting. I've waited years already and my eyes are whacked out with their mostly self-correcting astygmitism.


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