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2004-10-26 - 1:31 p.m.

Well, I've been in the land of the french-speaking canooks for about a week now.... At least we have wireless connectivity in the meeting; otherwise, I think I'd go stark raving mad with boredom. The schedule is incredibly slack. At least I can get some other work done.
And I'm getting plenty of exercise walking everywhere. On Saturday, I decided to walk to a museum on I'le Ste. Helene. Saw the bridge I needed to cross on the map and headed out....Slight issue with the plan when I finally saw the bridge and realized it was a rather sizable suspension bridge. Had to walk about 10 blocks or so the wrong direction just to get on the bridge. DOH! At least it provided a good view of the city from the St. Lawrence River.
Managed to finish the button holes and extend the posts for the buttons on the gambeson. Unfortunately, I appear to have grabbed the wrong grommets to do the points. That may have to wait for this weekend when I finally get home.
This evening should be adventurous. I was foolish enough to drag my armor up here, so I'm going to check out the local Shire practice. Didn't have room for the shield in my luggage, so it is dusting off the 2-sword unless there is a lefty-heater at the practice by some miracle. We'll see....
Wish the odds on ArmourArchive for Crown were real. I could make a killing if I won.... hehe


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