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2004-10-08 - 8:16 a.m.

OK, so it has been forever. Work has just been tedious lately and I saw no need to bore folks with it.
Last Sunday was interested. Saw a bunch of folks I hadn't seen in eons. Torvald, Klaus, Grethferth, Tim....War practice went well, but, man, was I tired and sore on Monday. I made it to fencing practice but it was a slow night. Wed night was the Scottish play. The performance just didn't pop. You didn't really get a good feel for the degradation of the leads. Lady Macbeth was the loon from the start...
Finally got into the shop a little last night. Had to do some emergency repairs for this weekend. Fixed the cuff lockup in my gauntlet but didn't have time yet to replace the rivet I tore out that is supposed to prevent it. Also repaired a hilt that snapped Tues night and finally welded on the nut for my new 45" rapier. I had been planning on swapping the hilt from my 40" Sologen onto it, but I hit a snag last night. It is going to take a LOT of work to get it to fit and likely won't work well on the old blade afterwards. Trying to decide whether to do the mods to get a full hilt on the new blade, or try to work up a new hilt this evening.... Hmmmm


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