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2004-09-14 - 11:37 a.m.

My heart goes out to Gyrth and Mel. I hope things work out.

Masters of Defense was this past weekend. It was a lot of fun fighting both armored and rapier, although the frequent armor changes were getting tiresome by the end of the day. I was rather jealous of Cuan who could just swap helms and was good to go, but I also recognize my body likes being armored when someone is swinging a stick at me.

It turned out to be a LONG day of fighting, but I learned a lot about myself. I started out in the Greatsword list, which really burned my energy early, as I was the weakest in the list at the time and I needed a victory. Polearm was next in the list, which is the one form I'm not currently authorized in, so I switched over to fencing to catch my breath and try to rack up some points. The rapier line for the bear pit was much longer, but the armored fighting takes a lot more out of you.

I was pushing my endurance before the semis, which were a best of 10 fights. I learned just how deep I can push myself and still not break. (Mind you, I'm STILL sore from this weekend, and last night at practice, I was just pathetic) And in a wierd sort of way, it was nice to realize that Cuan wasn't far behind me in exhaustion and overexertion. Mind you he probably had 5-10 more fights than me based on the points. And I made Cuan work to beat me in the finals. Overall, a good day on the field.

After recovering enough to move and court, we headed back to the house for dinner with 3 tipsy women, who'd had all afternoon with IKEA and 3 bottles of fruity wine and a decently stocked liquor cabinet.... I have to admit it was a little offputting to arrive home to find them all with pillowcases wrapped on their heads having a Colin Firth-fest. I guess Melisent is starting a new craze with wacky headgear. (GRIN) After regaining enough energy to take a shower, I got to run the grill. Yeah me.... I'm still amazed everyone seemed to like how I'd cooked the steaks. To say I was not firing on all cylinders would be an understatement.

Sunday pretty much involved me bonding with the sofa hoping my body would stop hurting, and catching up on a bunch of movies. At least I finally emptied the truck....

The only good thing I have to say about practice last night is that at least my elbow doesn't appear to be broken, and I'll leave it at that. Rather discouraging....


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