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2004-08-31 - 8:46 p.m.

Sigh....It is just one of those weeks...

After Pennsic, I had to hit the ground sprinting to try to make a deadline. Yes, I'm still at work as I type this and it is WAY too late. Even so, it appears I'm not quite going to make it. At least I'll only be a few days late from the looks of things. Of course, then I'll have to play catch up on all of the other things I've been ignoring for the past month. Sigh. Can't seem to win lately.

On a more positive note, I had a good evening at practice last night. I felt like I wasn't moving right, but I got lots of complements from a variety of folks. And actually getting to land stick on Galmr is always good. I even managed to dust off the 2-sword a little.

On a negative note, if I'm here at work, I'm not stabbing my friends at fencing practice....


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