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2004-08-23 - 4:11 p.m.

Back from war and mostly caught up on the lack of sleep. Most of the laundry is done thanks to my sweetie who bugged out early. Still need to clean up the plumbing for storage. Need to make a refurbish list before I forget the things I mean to upgrade.

As for the fighting, I had a blast. We had about 20-some folks for the 15-man Unbelted Champions Tourney put on by Ealdormere, so we rotated folks in and out. I was the masochist with the spear. Finally starting to pick up some of Vlad's sneaky tricks.... hehe Had my moment of glory when some guys tried to mug me and only legged me. Then they seemed to forget about me, much to their sorrow, as I kicked it into high gear when I dropped and saw all of their exposed bellies. I don't really know how many of them took my shots, but I occupied a whole lot of them, which guaranteed them getting mugged by the rest of the team. Then it was off to be all Marshal like. Don't get me started on the sticker foo. Too little stickers getting trickled out. What a pain.... At least Sunday night was the Scotch party....

Being all Deputy Earl Marshal-like, I decided I should marshal one of the battles, so I chose the field being the one I have the least fun in. But I was selected to be one of the unbelts in the Heroic Bridge battle, so I got my armor slepped up to the field. Then the numbers got cut at the last minute and I'd armored up for naught. After seeing the battle... or was that a rugby scrum..., it was probably a good thing.

Tuesday was the woods battle followed by the Atlantian 5-man rapier melee. I'd broken down and acquired a heavy/light burgonet from Darkwood, so I had a new helm for the woods. The padding was a little tight, but I could see and breath so I didn't argue. Some crackheaded tendency caused me to agree to be in a running unit. It is a sad statement for the young fighters that Theron and I were 2 of the first 4 up there. The woods was fun with the weather being all cooperative-like. I even got to stab Uncle Loric. And he knew I was there and gunning for him. It was looking a little ugly for us nearing the end when the left side collapsed and the Mid forces spotted one of the banners we were guarding. Fortunately, we repulsed them until the reinforcements arrived from Res point. Somehow, we managed to secure all 3 banners in the last few minutes. Then it was the rush down to the rapier field and change for the rapier tourney. Rags had a twisted team concept of left-handed armored fighters coming from the Woods battle who either were or have served as a Queen's champion, the Queen's Sinister Men. Unfortunately, Christian couldn't make it, so we filled in with Jean-Claude, our token rightie. The rest of the team was Sir Vlad and Sir Colin. After much good fighting and Ragnar's Free Scholar prize, we remained undefeated and victorious in the tournament.

Well, it is time for me to head home...I'll continue the rest later....


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