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2004-07-26 - 8:18 a.m.

Left Arm properly formed and planish Took a long weekend and made the pilgrimage to Eldred's to deal with some issues I was having forming my new vambraces. Managed to deal with that and learn lots and lots and lots of little details. I also slepted down a significant portion of my armor library for Eldred's perusal. I was amused to note a significant lack of overlap in our collections, so I at least provided something back for him. And since I had the books with me, I dragged them to the event for folks to paw through.

I also have to admit, the drive south was MUCH nicer leaving a little early on Thursday, than the usual losing 2 hours of my life to traffic hell that is leaving ANY time on Friday. The drive home was a bit annoying from just south of Petersburg on. There just seemed to be an extraordinary number of yahoos who were tying up traffic by being clueless. Sigh...

Finger GauntletThe trip down also gave me an opportunity to get to play with Wade's antiques. You don't normally get this view at a museum. hehe It was also interesting to see a peplined breastplate thinking it had an interesting rounded roll on the peplins. Then I went to pick it up and found out it was ground that way. It was that bloody thick....

I arrived home to find my house in chaos with the Theo finally getting to make progress on home renovation, with the removal of the chair rail in what will soon become again a dining room instead of just the Library annex... This with paint.


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