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2004-06-07 - 2:20 p.m.

Garibaldi enjoying his new toy

Yes, our cat is a natural fiber snob... Must come from when Theo rescued him from Finn's box o'kittens at a Highland River Melees oh so many years ago and Katherine Sharpe gave him a little ball of newly spun wool... He carried that around for months like a woobie until nothing was left of it. Then Auntie Gen, she who can't sit idle, had a few spare moments on the evening we went to see Much Ado About Nothing at the Carter Barron Ampitheatre and naalbound him a little mouse. He loves it. It wanders around the house now.... Note the large basket of toys being ignored.

Theo and Mom busy...

Theo and her mom were busy with the logging chain on Friday....

New front landscaping - Doorway

We busted hump all weekend laying in the new beds amid the drizzle and rain. Ask Theo about Herman and Gerald.... Herman is barely visible at the back of the bed on the right. Anyone who has been to our house will realize how different this is....

New front landscaping

We thought 10 bags of mulch would be enough....We were wrong.... Ow, is my back hurting. And I get to try to hit people this evening. That should be entertaining....


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