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2004-04-05 - 12:29 p.m.

It was a pleasant weekend, even if I did miss my sweetie immensely. I had the company of good friends to distract me. If only I could have had a few more hours to actually have gotten enough sleep. Stayed up way too late talking armor with Eldred Friday night and Saturday night was the retainer party.... Got some quality time to talk with Luce and Elle. I related Cuan's fun with smashing the sugar plates and Elle was amused.

Coronation was nice and the site is beautiful. I'm still floored about the Nonpariel.... And the sneaky Queen getting me to help her buy the parchment paper for the promissory.

The drive down was long but it was good to spend time with Kyna, Rags and Henry.

Reinforced my new theory about making sure I eat a decent breakfast to fight decently. Didn't really eat until dinner on Sat, and boy was I off.... At least pickups with Brother Christian were enjoyable as always. Didn't get a chance to fight the new Queen's Rapier Champion, as he had to run off to a Chiv meeting.

Sunday was the Hastilude sponsored by the Queen's Spears. 6 of us managed to field and I won my 4th tournament. I was happy to be able to pass on the prize (pair of stainless forearm armor) to one of the newer folks I've just started teaching some at practice, as he was the only person to kill me in the tournament and was part of the 3-way tie for first out of the base round-robin. Then we did some impromptu melee stuff under Cuan's direction. Also had fun teasing Alejandro that of the 6 in the tournament, 4 were from Storvik's practice. hehe


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