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2003-11-24 - 7:44 p.m.

Spent the weekend visiting the Mother-in-law, or as Theo puts it, an excuse to spoil her 3-year old nephew.

Worked on rebuilding my brownie points after the whole stomach flu weekend fiasco by driving both down and back to SW VA. The drive down wasn't that bad. We won't go into the drive back. Suffice it to say that I81 has just gotten ridiculous over the years. I believe they are finally talking about widening the road and it is YEARS overdue.

Theo got lots of amusement this past weekend. Her brother plays at being a farmer with about a dozen head of cattle on their mother's farm. Well, market is apparently coming up, so it was time to wean the calves from their mothers and turn the bulls into steers. After helping set up a paddock, we needed to go get the head gate. The cityboy got to ride on the back of the tractor to fetch it, and secure it to the portable paddock.

Later we get a phone call from the family cowboy who had cut 2 young bulls into the paddock in preparation for an early morning snippage. Apparently, there is an issue and he needs a hand. Theo caught her mother trying to serve frozen rolls, and is making biscuits, and I have nothing to do, so I volunteer to help out. I get down there to find him sitting on a bucket staring at the cows. Apparently one of the bull calves is being uppity and trying to go under one of the paddock walls opposite the tractor and is big enough to lift the whole paddock. So I get to stare at the cows and say 'Bad cow' if they try to escape, while Theo's brother goes for the other tractor to use as an additional anchor for the paddock. 'Cause there isn't much else I can do if the 1000 pound animal gets it in its head to do otherwise. Good thing for me just standing there appeared to be enough to keep the cow from trying it. That and I got to watch the dachshund/lab mix trying to pick a fight with a bull... Good thing the short dog is fleet of foot....

As usual, my mother-in-law prepared way too much food, and the nephew was an eternal bundle of energy. And now I FINALLY get to sleep in my own bed.... And tomorrow I actually get to visit my office , which I've barely seen in 6 weeks.


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