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2003-11-04 - 9:41 p.m.

Stick a needle in my eye.....

Well, it would have been more fun than today.... Imagine if you will 34 people in a room with 12 chairs trying to wordsmith 8 questions. Imagine this simple task taking TWO HOURS. And that was just the tedious part of my day....ARGH!!!!!

Well, Crown was this past weekend. Congrats to a number of good fights, and relatively few problems. Feel a bit guilty for not being as prepared as I would have liked. Thanks to Kevin, Otto, Janos, Byram and Tnek for helping with marshaling. Vivat to Cuan and Padraigin! I so crashed that evening. Daytripped down and back that day. Crashed shortly after getting home.

Had a pleasant morning and afternoon with my sweetie on Sunday before having to catch a plane to Florida. Now I'm stuck in the week long meeting from hell. In case that wasn't bad enough, I get to escape a day early. Before you go thinking that is a good thing, it is so I can get up before the crack of dawn to drive up to NJ to brief the Japanese on our radio system. And then fly back to Florida to install radio equipment for two vendors missing my brother who is actually in from the West coast for the first time in years, working through my birthday, the holiday, and now I have to decide whether I need to work some on Friday or not. grumble grumble grumble.... Well, I might be able to see him for lunch on Friday before he flies out.

And it will be Dec before I get to hit someone....So much for making any progress....At least it is giving my wrist time to heal. Cling to the good.... Might even be able to enjoy Florida if I wasn't pulling 12 hour days before going back to my hotel to work more....


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