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2003-10-27 - 4:41 p.m.

Well, Fort Wayne was tedious and boring as expected. Got in late and hence missed the birthday festivities for Kevin. Apparently missed quite a show....

Sat was Kathryn & Ryan's wedding. Woohoo!! It was a beautiful ceremony.

Came home Sunday after crashing over at Maxi's Place. Wound up mowing the lawn before the skies opening up. Got a little relaxation in before Nia and Nikulai arrived. They're crashing with us for the Eddie Izzard show Tues.

Work is insane at the moment....Got to be in NJ Wed and Thurs. Leave for FL on Sunday for the week. Still not sure if I'm back in FL the week after or in Seattle. Waiting to hear back from my FAA sponsor about which I'm supposed to go to first....ARGH!!! I just want to get my arrangements in place. Appears likely to be working through my birthday and the federal holiday.... Making it up in the same week is such a joke...

And then to add icing to the cake, my software is acting WAY flaky today while I'm trying to debug something.... Time to go home to spend time with Nia & Nikulai....


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