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2003-10-17 - 8:04 p.m.

It's been one of THOSE weeks.... Yes, I'm still at work. And I came in early to get some things done before an early morning meeting. Do the math. And I dialed into that meeting instead of driving downtown because I didn't have 2 hours to waste today. Trying to avoid having to come in on Saturday....

You know it is a bad day when you are so busy, but insist on going to lunch because you need a little time away from the zoo. And it was good to talk with my sister some. Particularly since I'm about to go off into travel hell for the next month or so....

Sunday I'm off to scenic Fort Wayne, IN for a week long torture fest of all-day briefings on a vendor design review. Land of no cellular capability even though I have nice strong signal. And talk about a place with NOTHING to do. Maybe I'll catch up on some movies.... Too bad my hobbies aren't really portable....

The week after I have to go to NJ for two days. One to install some equipment and the other to play act my boss 4 levels up or equivalent for a demo dry run... Fun fun fun... So, is it unfair for one of the primary designers of a system to grill the demo folks? (GRIN)

The week after I get to repeat the design review fun. At least it is in Florida, albeit Melbourne.... Then the following two weeks see me back in Melbourne installing equipment at 2 different avionics vendors and out to Seattle for the third. Not sure of which week is which at the moment.

Then Thanksgiving week I've got a 2 day Technical Interchange Meeting with the ground equipment vendors either downtown (I HOPE), or in NJ.

Ugh. Capital Ugh.

May miss a holiday. Who knows where I'll be for my birthday...

And why I'm hear so late is that I'm trying to finish debugging the code I was supposed to deliver in July....La. At least it will make the next drop. That and prep machines for the delivery. Just hope the parts I'm missing come in some time next week or this could get REALLY interesting....

Gee, maybe some more machines are done copying.... Guess I should go check in the lab again before heading home and scrounging a late dinner and try to calm down the ruffled cat who is feeling unloved...

Wish my wrist would stop hurting....I don't even recall what I did at Crusades to strain it. I only did one pickup with sword and shield and one with 2 sword besides the authorization fight. The rest of the time was spear.

Enough rambling for now. Take care all.


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