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2003-10-13 - 4:48 p.m.

I think I had only about 2 enjoyable moments at Crusades this past weekend. I'm still annoyed at myself for losing my rapier champions fight. I had the fight and didn't void sufficiently to slip out of the low shot. It was a rather iffy hit, but in a champions fight, I'm taking anything reasonable.

I was expecting to have to break off a marshal to inspect me and then jump into the resurrection battle. The fact that I could easily get inspected and help out Emma with a Kingdom transplant who'd lost his card, and still have time to spare was not a good sign. Hadrian's for the most part was enjoyable. Mind you, I just stopped trying to defend myself from the archers after a while because the 1-3 on 5 spears required my full attention and the walk to resurrection point just wasn't that far. I was a little disheartened to see a complete lack of understanding by our forces in how to set shields to support a kill pocket. I got into one of the openings to work and when I tried to fall back to void a shot I ran into a shield from our second rank who was immediately behind the first rank instead of 5 feet back to give the spears room to work. Even when I gave a commander instructions to try to correct, the wrong orders were given and I had to try to push in to keep us from losing the pocket.

Then there was the eternal break. That was just ridiculous. Who schedules lunch into a war schedule? Most fighters aren't interested and would rather play. After waiting around long enough, I just returned to my tent rather than baking further in the sun. When I went up to the field after a while, I wound up babysitting the 'Extreme Sports' camera crew. I was expecting a 15min foray. I think it wound up around an hour or two....I finally managed to pass them off when the bridge battles were getting set up, missing the bear pits and impromptu melees Vlad and Angus organized. I had one of THOSE moments in the first bridge battle. Mostly shields in their front line with some disarray and got to run on a killing spree. We just didn't have the numbers for me to take any chances at other times. Got to have fun getting back at Tim for taunting me for the duration. I was happy to be on the left bridge and miss all of the ugliness of the right bridge, although I unfortunately had to deal with some of it in an official capacity. The field battles were kind of sad how few of our forces bothered....We were a speed bump, even after the East sent over a number of units.

Did some pick-ups afterwards. Most went well. The last one I'm still limping from. Gotta remember how to block that shot.

I'm still feeling the effects of the fighting. Hopefully, I can work out the soreness at practice tonight. If not, it may just be a short evening....

It was good to spend some time with Rags, Kyna, Henry and Anne some on Sunday. Time with friends is always good.


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