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2003-09-25 - 2:28 p.m.

Well, power was finally restored Tues afternoon. That was a pleasant surprise considering the tree that downed the lines is still on top of the phone line.... Traffic is FINALLY returning to normal now that most of the traffic lights are getting back on line. 16th St has been particularly bad. It took me 2 hours to get downtown yesterday, since a number of key lights had finally had power restored, but no one activated the control program so they were stuck flashing and messing up traffic flow. By the afternoon, only a single light was still dark and the other lights were finally working again, so traffic moved smoothly.

Practice went fairly well this week, even if Ragnarr did get mistaken about my attendance and decide not to come to Monday night. (NUDGE) Rapier practice Tuesday was fun when I decided one of the new guys needed to learn to deal with continued contact, so I stayed in close range but went completely defensive to keep pressure on him, but not finish the fight. So I got to work on my defense while helping him learn.

Now I just need to finish up fixing my gear for this weekend and figure out what I can do for spiffiness with what little time I have left.


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