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2003-09-16 - 8:53 a.m.

Well, it has been eons since I've posted. Big shock there. Work is still insane with no hope in sight of letting up.

This past weekend was pleasant. Got to spend time in the car with Kyna and Thjora (even if it did frequently devolve into knitting land theatre), enjoy the hospitality of Alejandro and Benefse and have a relaxing day fencing folks. We unfortunately got there a little late and no one showed for the Melee 301 class I was subbing for Alan. My Case class was a little rougher than I would have liked but the students didn't seem to mind too much. I was a little bummed on the low turn out for Academy, but I still got to have fun fencing folks I don't normally see. And watching Kyna and Q finally snap watching a bunch of guys fail to start a fire and take over was rather amusing.... The 4am fire alarm wasn't particularly pleasant. Appear the alarm itself was shorting out and setting itself off.... K apparently woke enough to decide it wasn't her tones and nothing was actually on fire, rolled over and went back to sleep... Oh the envy.... And then got to do more pick-ups in the morning before cleaning up, packing up and heading out.

Now I just need to do a bunch of chores around the house, as I hit 3 practices last week and then there was dinner with Gen and her folks on Thursday which means I didn't get to even start packing for the weekend until 10:30....Need to hack back the jungle that is our yard this afternoon while the rain is abated, and possibly cut off that last branch out front that overhangs the house before Isabel steams through.


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