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2003-08-19 - 4:45 p.m.

You know it isn't going to be a good day when you get to the office to find your ATM card has expired and your phone is completely dead.....

It appears I may be getting some assistance to help offload some of my work, but he is tied up finishing up the project he is on and my other work is claiming higher priority....sigh.

Pennsic was good for the most part. The first week was pleasantly relaxing. I wasn't a complete wreck after the woods battle and we actually had enough spears on the lines to start working in teams to take people out. The sidesword practice was fun to play with folks from other kingdoms. I always enjoy fighting with Earl Brian from Darkwood.

I was amazed that the first field battle finished without a single hold. I was dismayed that the others felt the need to catch up with a vengeance. Never a good thing to have to radio in for an ambulance.

Got to the field for the Unbelted Champions in time to hear the marshals call lay on, which was a little depressing as I had rushed into armor after Marshal's Court, but hung around to be picked for the Allied Champions, which DID kick my butt....But that battle is always a blast.

And the fireworks were phenomenal.....

We got home safely, but had to go back to Hagerstown on Sunday to help Alan and Gen get home. Need to go home to continue more laundry and cleaning things up and putting them away.... fun fun fun


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