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2003-07-31 - 3:07 p.m.

Glastonbury ChairBeen a busy little shop monkey.

Had a shop invasion last night. Steve needed to fix a broken weld on Gyrth's helm. Kenny needed to work on leg armor and Shane was chin-straping helmets.

And I was still working on chairs. Managed to get most of the threads sunk. Until I ran out of cut-off wheels. And it was late enough I wasn't willing to finish up with the hacksaw, so I called it a night. Just 3 more to go with a fourth that needs cutting off. Then I need to epoxy the threads into the spreaders as I overdrilled all of those. Sigh....But then I will be done with the construction phase and can just Tung Oil forever....

Then there are a few miscellaneous things to fix up from last year like the closet piece that tried to explode last war and I jury-rigged. And I need to make up some various hose segments for the shower/sink plumbing.

Off to the shop....


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