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2003-07-28 - 8:16 a.m.

OK, so it has been eons since I've updated. I've been busy. Still trying to work on items that were due weeks ago at work. Really need to see if I can get them done this week before I vanish for 2 weeks.

Majorly busy on the project front as well. Gee, big shock there, with Pennsic just around the corner. Since I'm not very eloquent with words, I figure I'll just pictures do it for me.

Glastonbury Chair parts

Been working on a set of 4 Glastonbury chairs; 2 to supplement ours and 2 for Kyna&Rags. Should hopefully get them done by this weekend. The picture is pre-gluing which I accomplished yesterday, so then it is just done to lots and lots of sanding, a little routing and gluing in the threaded barstock. I also managed to sand the arms to shape for my pair, which takes a while.

I need to spend a little time on the old chairs as, despite measuring something like 3 times, I managed to cut the threads too short in some places....Still not sure how that happened. Then, of course, I need to restain where I sand and re-apply poly.

Basket HiltMy basket hilts have needed replacement for a while. Due to time constraints I just decided to finish one for now and get to the other after war. I'm rather happy with how it came out, although, it isn't quite as light as I would have hoped. Still significantly lighter than my old, metal-fatiguing bricks. While I hadn't originally planned the X-braces when I started, I kind of like how it came out. They just kind of developed that way as I was trying to close up the gaps between the bars while providing some reinforcement to the shaping.

Bronze bits for Benefse's CoronetThe other item I've been working on is a coronet for Benefse in an exchange deal with the Ale-saurus. What the picture shows is the rough cast accents for the coronet in white bronze along with the pewter masters on the right. I've managed to get the rough cleanup done yesterday which removes the sprue and flash still on the pieces and smooths out the back.

I have to admit to a small revelation while sanding casting. Probably blatantly obvious to others, but it seems to improve flow. For stonemolds with pewter-casting, you cross-hatch the back to improve flow. Tried digging in a cross-hatch pattern in the sand for the back and got much better flow. Have to remember that in the future...

Fighting has been going OK. Did pretty well at Assessment. Had a really good week at practice after. Then settled back into trying to learn how to properly move....

Last Chance was HOT. Not a huge amount of fighting, but I got to work on my heat training at least.


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