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2003-06-30 - 7:57 a.m.

YEAH for Master Nikolai!!!!! Emma is SO going to pay for her method of distracting Nikolai from his vigil....

And it was also nice to spend some time with Kate and Percy. Don't get to see them all that much since they moved to NC.

I'm a little bummed I didn't get to focus my complete attention on Llywd's prize. The morning schedule was insane from my perspective. At least I managed to find time to sneak down to the vigil to see Nikolai.

I have to say though that my fighting performance was a little demoralizing. My first two fights were against newer fighters who didn't really know what to do with a two-sword fighter. My third fight had my range control off by about 2 inches, which was enough to leave me with only 1-2. Then I fought Cuan.... I was hoping to at least make him work a little to beat me. Sigh.... Not to be. Then I pulled Kevin. Just didn't have the movement fu I need to be able to hit him. I have to block his first blow or I'll get broken if it lands and then counterpunch quickly. Just wasn't moving quick enough.... I have to admit being disturbed that he was having problems hitting people hard enough. I blocked one of his shots with my basket and it snapped one bar and cracked two welds. While my basket isn't in the best shape, that should be MORE than sufficient force.... Oh well....

Later I fought Dagonet in pickups and was just plain out fought. Then my leg armor failed and I was done for the rest of the weekend....

While I recognize I haven't been able to make practice on an entirely regular basis and my heat training just plain sucks, I thought I had been making SOME progress recently....I really need to get biking again and make two practices a week, but I'm having hard enough time even making one recently.... And a lot of my gear is getting near needing replacement. Yet even more demands on my time.... Sigh....


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