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2003-05-12 - 8:52 p.m.

I am stuck in travel HELL....

OK, last week I had to leave from Raleigh after Crown to go to scenic Fort Wayne, IN for a week of 12 hour days.... Trying to navigate in pouring rain. And why can't folks spend the $$$ for reflective paint. Rather disturbing to realize suddenly the yellow line is to the right of your vehicle and you aren't in the UK, Japan or Singapore....Good thing it was LATE and no one on the raod. Major hotel issues. 3 rooms later I finally get to crash. And Fort Wayne is apparently cell phone hell too. All inbound calls just dumped to my voice mail, and my outbound attempts were blocked by some roaming service that wanted a calling card or creditcard number yet refused to accept one. Did I mention I have nationwide roaming on my plan....Issues....Subscriptions....

Then on the way back, there are signs for road construction. Apparently in Indiana speak, this means road will be closed for 20minute spans while they are working on a bridge over the interstate....Good thing I had plenty of time before my flight....Then since I changed my ticket the day of the flight, I was kindly flagged by the airlines for the inspection works by the TSA folks, who were apparently training new folks and particularly chaotic....

Got food poisoning from my Chinese dinner Sat night leading me to be rather sleepy Sun. I think I've just given up on getting a decent night's sleep.

And now I'm in Melbourne, FL....Did I mention that the taxi driver was 45 minutes late to pick me up....After I'd already given him detailed directions to my house... What a moron. Needless to say he got $0 tip....

Well, enough procrastination from reviewing documents for my 3 day meeting that starts tomorrow morning....


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