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2003-03-30 - 10:05 p.m.

I've survived the latest travel week. I've seen way too much of various airports and red-eyes just suck in general.... I have to admit the swarm of TSA agents at Melbourne airport (Florida, not Australia...) was almost laughable.... This is an airport with like 6 gates and there were like 15 agents on duty manning a single scanner. But my business had finished early and the earlier flight out was full so I had 5 hours to kill so I didn't really care how long they wanted to take....

This weeks fun is driving to Atlantic City in the morning and returning Tuesday. Might actually be able to make practice. Oh, the novelty. I haven't been able to make a practice since Gulf Wars....Mind you I still have a 2 day meeting in Reston, so I don't get to see my office until Friday, but at least I mostly get to sleep in my own bed.

Bob's party was a hoot, and I even won a door prize for my greaser costume....OK, really it was the hair. I let Wen and Mel slick back my hair and do the silly curl thing in front. It was for Bob's amusement, what the heck. I have to admit Harv with the 'fro was truly priceless....


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