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2003-03-17 - 10:24 p.m.

Back from Gulf Wars and off to Florida.... Need to deliver some equipment to some avionics vendors so they can properly test the radios they are developing.

Outside the innane town battle, the fighting was good at Gulf Wars. The Town battle heavily biased the fight to the defender and it just became a shoving match with a longer walk to resurrect....Just got tedious after a while.

The Ravine battles were great. Had one of those shining moments as a spearman. Operating between Count Havorc and Sir Angus, I felt incredibly well protected, so I could take more chances to get folks. I eliminated the 2 spears in front of me and left the polearm, so another spear wouldn't come up soon. And it was amusing watching the polearmsman get intimidated by Havorc...tee hee. Then their line buckled forward to my right, so I had a lovely view of enemy ribs...And they were kind enough to keep stepping up into the slot, so I obliged them by continuing to kill them. That went on for a while until the King of Ansteorra killed Angus and then me... Missed the first field battle as I was off judging A&S entries. Didn't really miss much as it was ugly due to the miscommunication about boundaries. We got even on the next two. Did OK in the second and had a much better time in the third, even if I did get shot in the face by a crossbow.... It isn't often I get the chance to tear up charging forces. I managed to escape out of the initial charge and then openings popped up enough for me to do some good.

In the Rapier Rose tourney I managed to pull Gunny in the first round and had to withdraw to make court and Dagonet's elevation.

Passed on the Fort battle. I had enough of such silliness in the Town battle.... At least I got to have fun in the Rapier Ravine battle. I had the honor of commanding the Atlantian forces mostly composed of the army of Hidden Mountain. We held the left hill and reinforced the Middle forces protecting the center banner. Got to have one of those moments when you see the line disintegrating so you jump in, wave the white scarf in a boogie-boogie fashion, kill 3 or 4 people to fend off their advance and then go elsewhere. hehe

Also have a nice new toy in the form of a new sidesword blade. Need to see if I can get Vyv to agree to let us play with them in the SCA....

In my hotel now prepping a little for tomorrow. Paying the price for being at Gulf Wars, I'm not as prepared as I would like. If all goes well, I might be able to return Wed evening instead of Thursday....


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