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2003-02-20 - 8:38 a.m.

3 and a half hours....It took me 3.5 f***ing hours to get home last night....

I feel for the snow removal crews, but can we use our brains a little....Closing off-ramps of the Washington Beltway to clean-up the cleared lane during rush-hour does not strike me as a good plan. Closing 3 lanes of the beltway where I270 spurs off so a Front-end Loader can open up a little of the shoulder strikes me as criminally STUPID!!!! Particularly when you consider 2 loaders were clearing the fourth lane of the outer loop this morning only needing to close the lane they were clearing....

So I finally get off the beltway which was speeding along at that zippy 5 mph after the ramp closure and next ramp backup to zip along my second backup alternate route... Then I hit another standstill in Rockville....Yup...Back to 5mph...with idiots zipping up the disappearing right lane. I finally got sick of it and pulled further to the right....Just try to squeeze around the Tahoe...

And the jerks who decided that since the right lane is blocked with snow, we'll just use that to extend parking in their driveway just drive me mad...Gee, ever consider they eventually need to clear that lane of snow and your car in it is going to make is 100x more difficult....

ISSUES!!! Heck, a whole subscription.....

Needless to say, I'm telecommuting today and probably tomorrow....Done with the 5 hours in a car to get back and forth for work... And I'm blowing off a meeting downtown this morning because the person who called it never would respond to my requests for confirmation and more information about actual location of the meeting.


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