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2003-01-09 - 12:59 p.m.

Hell is trying to debug a real-time system who hardware is a thousand miles away....

Gee, it seems awfully warm around here.....

I was supposed to get the system FedEx'd to me last Monday to start working on it Tues..... The update of the hour is it might be sent Friday for arrival Monday. Of course, Monday is when I need to ship out my Air Radio to Florida to support delivery of a system which includes this box. And the Air Radio is necessary for me to do any debugging of the system....


At least last night I got to play with hot metal helping Kadlin out with some casting issues.... The molds she was having problems with turned out to be a simple fixes, and then it was helping her carve a token for an upcoming Lochmere event.... On a positive note, I think I'm getting the jonesing to play in the shop some more. Might actually get around to replacing my disintegrating shield or my battered basket hilts...


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