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2003-01-07 - 8:34 a.m.

OK, so it has been eons since I posted. Been away for a while, then cable modem has been down since Dec 18, then work is burying Was so happy last night when I saw the network light go on on the modem last night. I'm thinking WOW, they finally did something right for a change. Note the line tech was supposed to be here some time between 2 and 6. 6:30 is when I noticed the light coming on. And this was the second or third line tech supposedly dispatched. The first one is when the TV portion of cable starting going bad with the modem. Went up to change for practice then figured I'd leave the TV on so Wendy would notice when she got back home. Snow back on screen, which also indicates the cable modem had dropped again. ARGH!!! Get back from practice to Wendy happily surfing.... Guess it came back. Only to drop out later.... I must admit that I don't understand how Comcast can stay in business with the crappy system they have to support their infrastructure. It is sad that a network provider can't even have their techs use the system to report in what they did to the network. And that the call support folks don't have direct access to what was actually done. And they didn't even have a record that the installers had to put in a new cable from the node to inside the house. Criminal.....

I'll leave discussions of our holidays to Wendy.... She has far more angst involved in it that I do..

Practice was light, but it doesn't suck when I'm the chaff at practice... WHile I'm not sure if he was trying to help or just be a trouble maker, Vlad tells TBone I've indicated I need to work on my lateral movement. So TBone goes a lot more mobile on me. Problem is, this doesn't make me work on my lateral movement at all. I spend all of my time trying to figure new ways to close on him and stay alive long enough to begin to get into my range and start throwing blows. Not overly successful. Then I picked up the odd, large wooden object I vaguely remember being called a shield and fought Colin and then Andrew. Did OK. At least I can say my leg defense and attack is good. We won't go into my head defense and offense....

Well, back to work trying to figure out how I'm going to fix a bug by next week when I have to go to Florida to deliver the equipment to an avionics vendor. wee....


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