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2002-12-04 - 4:18 p.m.

Been having motivation issues lately. Not sure if it is just the winter blahs, or still recovering from 6 weeks in NJ....

Tried some Cut & Thrust last night. That is looking to be majorly fun.... Had some blow power issues due to being overly paranoid about 2-sword reflexes kicking in..... I'm going to have to be on the side of requiring street hockey gloves. Can we saw OUCH! Note to self, don't move the dagger too far so that you block the hack with your index finger.

Of course, I'll also have to say it really messes with your fighting for the rest of the night while you have to keep suppressing urges to swing at people....

It was good to see Colin Monday night. Can never have enough lefties at practice...hehe Got to play a bit. Lots of fun. My knight decided to drive a point home with me. He would be static in movement, and I'd generally have the upper hand. He would move laterally and eat me alive....sigh....


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