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2002-09-03 - 9:42 a.m.

Went down to Sacred Stone Baronial Birthday this past weekend to see the look on Cuan's face when he got his Pelican. Also wanted to get down to that neck of the woods to see how folks are doing fencing-wise.... The drive down was miserable in the rain. Got to spend a little time with my sister too. Of course, it rained most of the day, but the sick folks we are fenced anyways.... Got to fight lots of folks. Even managed to disarm Gunny and kill Vyv once....Then since I apparently needed more abuse, I did some pickups with Vyv after most others went to get dry.... That was a blast and pushed me a lot harder than I'm used to. Emphasized I was being lazy with my movement and made me deal with attacks from angles I totally wasn't used to.... What a blast....

Court was amusing. Alejandro's face was priceless when he was called into court to be told about his impending White Scarf at Coronation. And as expected Cuan's face was also priceless for his big award. Now we don't have to run around plotting behind folk's backs anymore....sigh.... Have a bunch of photos I need to process and get burned on a CD for them....

Padraiga invited me to high table, which solved my question about what I was doing for dinner....It was good to be able to chat a little....

Had a pleasant morning with my sister before I headed on home on Sunday. Just had one moron on I77, who kept blocking me from passing him...Talk about road rage.... I was 3 seconds from phoning him into the police when he finally let me pass. What a complete jerk.... The rest of the trip was uneventful.

Then I got to spend Monday with my sweetie! Woohoo! Then we went out to spend large sums of money by replacing our dying TV and to get a decent printer to replace the dying LaserJet I've had since high school. Since we usually spent significant amounts of time researching stuff, we decided to be impulsive and just go out to the store and buy what looked good. Theo tells me we are going to go impulse buy the stuff. OK. Works for me. Hit and run and get out before the crowds show up.... Then she proceeds to take a hour trying out all of the features of an all-in-one printer/scanner/copier/fax machine that we seem to be settling on. She apparently has a different definition of 'impulse buy' than I do. Whatever, it makes her happy.... Then we moved on to checking out TVs.... After finding some OK choices, we decide to go elsewhere and check out further selection. Finally settle on what we are going to buy and go get something to eat before playing with the new toys.... Cool picture....

Well, off to yet another meeting....


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