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2002-08-27 - 7:30 a.m.

Finally made it to practice this week. Felt like I was fighting in molasses. Just couldn't seem to get into gear. At least Jason seemed to be similar as he didn't completely own me like he has the past few practices we've fought. Was having a nice low key practice until my shoulder got whacked.....Totally shut down my arm and had to fight off nausea....Not amusing. Body went into shock for a little bit there, which was totally not fun.... Got home and dropped a bunch of vitamin-I and iced it for a while before the hot shower to relax things... Probably going to take a little while to heal. At least it was my right shoulder so I should still be able to fence single sword this evening....

Then there was the late night crack head phone call....Kyna, Alisandra and Theo just feeding on each other....Always a scary hoot....


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