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2002-08-21 - 11:32 a.m.

I've got a spare 15 minutes before I have to enter the trauma of trying to find a parking space downtown around lunchtime, so....

Best of Pennsic (in no particular order):

  • Cool weather the first week

  • Having showers running by Sunday

  • Actually getting up to do pickups the first week

  • Padraiga's pelican! WOOHOO!

  • My white scarfing. 31 fights in 6.5hours....

  • Fighting Earl Brian before I was exhausted...

  • mmm...Chocolate milk.....

  • The attitude of MOST of the fighters about taking shots.

  • Lost Boy's Kamikaze battle. Always a hoot

  • Katy's purple and gold tiger face paint

  • Napping in the front of the new pavilion

Worst of Pennsic:

  • The heat of the second week.

  • Not enough time for all of the cool stuff

  • Missing Padraiga's elevation

  • Missing a chance to talk with Padraiga on her vigil when 10 knights followed Cuan back from the Chiv vigil

  • The never-ending Heroic Champions battle after which I had to fight the exhausting Allied Champions battle and then the Rapier Champions

  • The few yahoos that needed to be jacked to take a thrust.

  • Being sick Wed and missing the Hadrian's Wall battle

  • Having the 5-man melee following the Woods battle yet again, so I'm forced to miss it

I'm sure I've forgotten some stuff, but I gotta run....


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