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2002-07-28 - 11:04 p.m.

Chair Pieces StainedThe chairs are coming along. Just need to flip and poly the back side and the chairs are done....Theo's cushions are awesome. muwahaha.
Gorget Front ViewI also finally managed to find some time to work on the gorget. What a novelty. I added some rivets for decoration and to prevent gappage and then filed some decorative edging around it. Then blued up the finish and started assembly. The front is assembled, although the side straps are probably too thick which is restricting movement. I still need to strap the back and then put in the pivoting rivet that connects the front and back.
Gorget - Side View

The keyhole works, but is not the best fit. Not bad for a first attempt, but hopefully better next time.... I may need to futz with it some more to make sure I can remove the gorget without injuring myself.....

I also managed to finally get around to working up new swords. Letting the spray adhesive dry before taping them up for war. This also led me to examining my basket hilts and finding a frightening number of blown welds which I fixed....Need to find time after war to finally get around to making new basket hilts.

Monday I get to have fun with the Russian consulate. Since I need to be in St. Petersburg the Monday after War, I need to have my visa before I leave, so I need to go there in person and expedite it...Wee.....Oh and sometime find the time to finish the huge paper I need to write for that meeting...sigh...

I so need this vacation....


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