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2002-07-23 - 7:12 a.m.

The chair project consumed my weekend and left me feeling weary. Not good for the long work week where I'm about a week overdue for a long vacation. Pennsic isn't soon enough for me.... Downtown is currently tedious, but I have to get there early or parking is impossible....They so need to open a new garage in SW....

Was going to finally work on some of the multitude of projects on my list when I got home reasonably early yesterday, but napitude overtook me.... Then off to practice and my current fighting mediocrity...At least until I got my hilt driven into the deep bruise on my left palm and I was yet again forced to end practice early....Not amused....

Hopefully this evening, I can finish mounting everything needed for the shower stalls and then possibly work on the gorget some more. Need to clean up the top line of the middle lame and then the decorative edging to the base and middle lame before I'm off to blueing land and then final assembly..... What a might actually be ready for war.... I'm going to be so bitter if it isn't....

And then at some point, I need to make new swords and a shield and fix the strap that blew last night....wee.....


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