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2002-06-18 - 11:45 p.m.

Today was the commuting hell of the Rail....Have a meeting downtown this week in Crystal City. Great to drive through, but royally sucks if you actually want to stop there, so I decided I'd take the metro and not have to worry about navigating CC and finding a place to park.... Figure an hour and a half is about right to go about 15-20 miles.... Right.... Get to the parking garage at the station nearest me. It is the end of one of the lines. Most of the garage is full, but there is huge areas of open spaces. Yeah, with cute little reserved signs and threats of ticketing for those without permits....Ugh. After casing the entire garage, I determine it is full to those without the sacred permit and decide I need to hit the next station in. It is next to a large mall, so I know there will be parking. Problem is, I've now lost about 20 minutes trying to find a parking space and I know the train ride alone is supposedly around 45 minutes....Oh well, I'm going to be late. Not much I can do about it. Finally get on the train and realize I didn't bring anything to read....Sigh... Change trains once and then they declare the train has mechanical problems and will be terminating at the next station, so I'm forced to wait for the next train...Finally get to my destination station and realize the directions I had didn't indicate the long maze of walking I was going to have to do to get from the metro station to the building I was interested in....Sigh. At least the person in charge of the meeting was even later that I was.....

Took me an hour and half to get home as I just missed the train I needed at the transfer station so I had to wait for the second train to come. Made me late for practice and I barely got to see my wife.... Not a particularly stellar evening for me fencing. Sigh....


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